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Let's face it - sometimes, doing your chores can be a drag! Sometimes you'd rather be playing your favorite video game than cleaning up after your iguana. Even grown-ups sometimes don't want to do their iguana chores. But you know what? Your iguana depends on you to care for him every single day. He can't take care of himself anymore. If he still lived in his tropical forest home, he could, but in your home, he can't go to the refrigerator and get his own food, or give himself a bath, or clean up his own mess. You are your iguana's best friend. Everything he wants and needs, he gets from you. For you, it's a wonderful honor to be your iguana's best friend and caretaker, and also a serious responsibility. So, how can you make doing your chores easier? Here are some tips that may help!

Tip #1 - Sit down with an adult and make a checklist of chores that must be done, and how often they must be done. You can use the checklist below to get you started.

Tip #2 - Make a schedule and follow it everyday. Plan on a time - the same time everyday, when you will care for your iguana. If you work your chores into your daily routine, it becomes easier for both you and your iguana. Once you get in the habit of caring for your iguana at the same time everyday, it becomes harder for you to forget!

Tip #3 - Have an adult help you with some things, like giving your iguana a bath, trimming his claws, and preparing food for the week.

Tip #4 - Take pride in the good job you do caring for your green friend! Show your friends, brothers and/or sisters what a good iguana owner you are. Set a good example.

Sample Checklist to Help you Do Your Chores:

    - Clean your iguana's water dish and get her fresh water.
    - Clean your iguana's food dish and get her fresh food.
    - Clean your iguana's cage or litter box.
    - Give your iguana a bath.
    - Check the thermometers in your iguana's habitat and make sure they are correct.
    - Spend time with your iguana - petting her, carrying her around, letting her out for exercise, watching T.V. with her - whatever activities you enjoy together!

    - Chop, shred and otherwise prepare food for the week.
    - Take apart and thoroughly clean and disinfect your iguana's habitat.
    - Trim your iguana's claws. This is probably a chore you can do every other week, although it may have to be done on a weekly basis, depending upon what time a year it is and how fast your iguana is growing.

    - Take your iguana to the vet for a check up at least once a year.

Following these steps will make caring for your iguana easier for you. Your iguana is a lot of work! Even many grown-ups have trouble caring for their iguanas. But, with a little help from Mom and Dad, and maybe even from your brothers and/or sisters, you can do a great job taking care of your iguana. And you know what? You will not only have a healthy, happy iguana that will be with you for a long time, but you will also have an iguana that loves you!

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