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Green Iguana Society Journal Report 2005

Green Iguana Society Team News

In January 2005 we were happy to welcome back co-founder Derek Baze, who rejoined us after a leave of absence of a year and a half. Derek designed the Green Iguana Society web site, and has been designing graphics and working on the site again since his return. For more information on the Green Iguana Society Team, visit The Green Iguana Society Team.

Successful Adoptions

January-June 2005

Boton, GIS #997 - Atlantic Beach, FL
Rahzel, GIS #1040 - San Diego, CA
Yoshi, GIS #960 - East Northport, NY
Lizzie, GIS #1030 - Euless, TX
Oliver, GIS #856 - Monroe, OH
Isaac, GIS #890 - Huntly, IL
Ziggy, GIS #990 - Sharon, WI
Max, GIS #1091 - Kent, OH
Louie, GIS #908 - Lodi, NJ
Xena, GIS #944 - Wrightstown, NJ
Jorge, GIS #1080 - Fairfield, CA
Ozzy, GIS #1008 - Colingswood, NJ
Iggy, GIS #1097 - Barefoot Bay, FL
Dino, GIS #1004 - Minneapolis, MN
Iggy, GIS #961 - Snellville, GA
Lola, GIS #1070 - Miami Gardens, FL
Samantha, GIS #601 - Southbridge, MA
Ralph, GIS #950 - Millersville, MD
Mufasa, GIS #1112 - Fallbrook, CA
Dragon Queen, GIS #1178 - Antioch, TN
Reptar, GIS #1165 - Hyattsville, MD
Rex, GIS #1146 - Moscow, ID
Bronx, GIS #533 - Mount Prospect, IL
Pickleweasel, GIS #1143 - Dundee, IL
Max, GIS #1128 - Kent, OH
Morgan, GIS #1190 - St. Amant, LA
Herman Guana, GIS #1196 - Northville, MI
Unnamed, GIS #1151 - Philadelphia, PA
July-December 2005

Iggy, GIS #1191 - Fairfax, VA
Chomper, GIS #1207 - Fort Lee, NJ
Tarzan, GIS #1132 - Merrillville, IN
Duke, GIS #1257 - Chicago, IL
Marley, GIS #1047 - Casa Grande, AZ
Zion, GIS #1245 - Norfolk, VA
Phil, GIS #1114 - Kansas City, KS
Godzilla, GIS #1019 - Chicago, IL
Eve, GIS #1203 - Butler, PA
Guana, GIS #1252 - Ridgefield, WA
Jack, GIS #1218 - Allen Park, MI
Sir Lancelot, GIS #1063 - Yorba Linda, CA
Sweetheart, GIS #1259 - Mount Carmel, PA
Godzilla, GIS #1211 - Brooklyn, NY
Homer, GIS #1318 - Pompton Plains, NJ
Rex, GIS #1314 - Monmouth Junction, NJ
Leon, GIS #1299 - Minooka, IL
Rex, GIS #1000 - Mount Prospect, IL
Xanatos, GIS #1327 - Middletown, CT
Theebs, GIS #1354 - Morton Grove, IL
Mr. Green, GIS #1347 - Mill Valley, CA
Max, GIS #1348 - Rock Island, IL
Mikey, GIS #1301 - Central
Iggy, GIS #1263 - Van Wert, OH

Adoption News - We listed 368 new iguanas on our adoption board this year. Happily, 53 iguanas were successfully adopted through our organization (see above). Thanks to all who have helped us find good homes for these igs!

Additions to the Green Iguana Society Website

New Members
We were please to welcome 369 new members in 2005! For membership information, see Membership Information.

New Vet Listings
We added 19 new vets to our Approved Vets & Clinics page in 2005. Many thanks to all the folks who sent in the recommendations!

New Herp Society Listings
We added 5 new herp societies to our Herpetological Societies page in 2005. Thanks to those who e-mailed us the information!

New Rescue Listings
We added 6 new rescues to our Other Adoptions and Rescues page in 2005.

New or Revised Pages
The following pages are either new or have been revised in 2005:

Heating, Lighting and Humidity - revised and updated page
Green Iguana Society Chapters - revised page format to indicate discontinuation of chapters
Emergency Preparedness - new article
Color Changes - added photos. Thanks to the following folks for giving us permission to use their photos on this page: Meri Martin, Diane Remphrey, Stephanie Marshall, Dawson Mobley and Denise Batson.
Taming and Training Iguanas - revised and updated page
Iguanas and Other Pets - added a new photo. Thanks to Ayuob Saed for permission to use the photo of his iguana, Bob Marley, hanging out with his bird, Farach.
Other Adoptions and Rescues - updated page
Better Reptile Pets for Kids - updated page
Pros and Cons of Iguana Leashes - new page. Thanks to Dave Flannery for use of his photo.
Miscellaneous Conditions - expanded sections on dehydration and prolapse
Interactive Internet Sources - updated page
Feral Iguanas In Florida - new page
Iguanas In The Wild - revised and expanded page, added photos. Thanks to John Aristei for allowing us to include two of his great photos of wild iguanas.
Example Habitat Instructions - new page
Commercial Foods - updated information
Interactive Internet Resources - Added Herp

Donation News - We are very grateful to the following people for making donations to the Green Iguana Society in 2005:

Jane Coleman
David Flannery
Adam Gibson
Faith Hansen
Teresa Herrin
Robert Grover
Teresa Herrin
Robert Gregory
Sherrie Stevens-Blakely

The donation money is used to pay for our message board. If you are interested in making a donation to the Green Iguana Society, please visit our Donations page.

Special thanks to Raptor-Net Internet Services for generously donating free server space to the Green Iguana Society. Hosting our web site for free greatly reduces our maintenance costs and helps us continue our efforts to educate iguana owners and help find needy iguanas adoptive homes. Thank you, Raptor-Net!

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