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Green Iguana Society Journal Report 2006

Green Iguana Society Team News

The Green Iguana Society Team was greatly saddened by two losses this year. Marie Poyner passed away in September. Marie was an active member of the online iguana community and was an invaluable member of our message board team. If you are interested in donating money to help with the care of Marie's special-needs iguanas Dragon and Baby, please visit our message board for information on how you can help. Also, we lost one of our green friends this year. Bubbette, team member Darry Conner's beloved iguana, passed away unexpectedly. We will always remember Marie and Bubbette and will miss them greatly.

Successful Adoptions

January-June 2006

Iggy Jade, GIS #1402 - Spring Hill, FL
Rex GIS# 1317 - Morrisville, SC
Feisty, GIS #1396 - Marion, OH
Pricilla, GIS #1331 - Ephrata, PA
Ozzy, GIS #1437 - Fair Haven, CT
Spunky (GIS #1424) & Rex (GIS #1425) - Tinley Park, IL
Guana, GIS #1446 - Marysville, OH
Izzy, GIS #1451 - Jeannette, PA
Jubal, GIS#1222 -Tuscaloosa, Al
Godzilla, GIS #1242 - Brooklyn, NY
Iggy, GIS #1387 - Spring, TX
Linus, GIS #1291
Ziggy, GIS #1458-Charlestown, SC
Frankie, GIS #1450 - Westfield, MA
Ira-Auburn, WA GIS #1426
Unnamed Iguana, GIS #1465 - Woodland Hills, CA
Lizzy, GIS #1476 - Georgetown, OH
Bandit, GIS #1509 - Framingham, MA
Max, GIS #1519 - Ontario, Canada
Fred, GIS #1507 - Salem, OR
Pickletree, GIS #1515 - Gardner, KS
YuLong, GIS#1542 - Los Angeles, CA
Hectate, GIS #1511 - Birmingham, MI
July-December 2006

Iggy, GIS #1555 - Agoura Hills, CA
Stew, GIS #1459 - Bellingham, WA
Strawberry (GIS #1559) and Gighan (GIS #1560) - Danbury, CT
Lizonardo, GIS 1563 - Jaffrey NJ
Critter, GIS 1567 - Chesapeake, VA
Zirra, GIS #1574 - Kingston, MO
Ick, GIS #1607 - Cedar Ridge, CA
Latitude (GIS #1629) and Longitude (GIS #1628) - Conyers, GA
Climber, GIS #1595 - Pasadena, TX
Little Guy, GIS #1638 - San Diego, CA
Dedo, GIS #1438 - Clermont, FL
Crush, GIS #1655 - Humble, TX

Adoption News - We listed 271 new iguanas on our adoption board this year. Although adoptions were slower this year than in the past, 34 iguanas were successfully adopted through our organization (see above). Thanks to all who have helped us find good homes for these igs!

Additions to the Green Iguana Society Website

The Green Iguana Society has regretfully decided to discontinue membership. We have been so pleased that so many folks have joined the Society in the past 7 years! However, the number of membership forms coming in has become overwhelming and we do not have the manpower or the server space to handle them all. We want to tell everyone who has joined in the past and everyone who was interested in joining in the future that we are so happy that you share with us a love of green iguanas and a wish to join a community of fellow ig lovers! We hope that you continue to visit our website, and read and participate on our message board.

New Vet Listings
We added 12 new vets to our Approved Vets & Clinics page in 2006. Many thanks to all the folks who sent in the recommendations!

New Herp Society Listings
We added 1 new herp society to our Herpetological Societies page in 2006. Thanks to those who e-mailed us the information!

New Rescue Listings
We added 4 new rescues to our Other Adoptions and Rescues page in 2006.

New or Revised Pages
The following pages are either new or have been revised in 2006:

Heating, Lighting and Humidity - added a link to Carolina Pet Supply as a source of solarmeters.
Products - updated and expanded.
Companies and Stores - updated and expanded.
Other Adoptions and Rescues - updated.
Building Vs. Buying - added a link to another custom-made iguana cage supplier.

Donation News - We are very grateful to the following people for making donations to the Green Iguana Society in 2006:

Randy Myers
Stuart Filler
Rebecca Trott
Lisa Cowden
Marie Poyner
Holley Snowden

The donation money is used to pay for our message board. If you are interested in making a donation to the Green Iguana Society, please visit our Donations page.

Special thanks to Raptor-Net Internet Services for generously donating free server space to the Green Iguana Society. Hosting our web site for free greatly reduces our maintenance costs and helps us continue our efforts to educate iguana owners and help find needy iguanas adoptive homes. Thank you, Raptor-Net!

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