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Green Iguana Society Journal Report 2008

Green Iguana Society Team News

The Green Iguana Society Team was happy to welcome two new members this year. Nannette and Robin have volunteered to help out with adoption services and have impressed us all by jumping in with both feet! We are so grateful to them both for volunteering their time and iguana-knowledge. Two additional people have expressed interest in helping out and are waiting to find the time to begin learning the ropes. We're looking forward to welcoming them soon! Long-time team member Dana is currently on hiatus. We wish her well and hope she returns to us soon! As always, team members Darry, Cindy, Mindy, Lyn, Shawneena, and Dom gave generously of their time and talents this year and helped with adoptions and the message board. Several of these folks also work with other iguana rescue/education groups and/or foster igs. Where do they find the energy?! Des continued to serve as technical advisor to the society and Raptor-Net once again donated server space and technical support. Deena, the only original GIS co-founder still rattling around this place, continued her role as webmaster and began helping out with adoptions again after some time off. We had a busy but happy year and look forward to working together as a team in 2009!

Successful Adoptions

January-June 2008

Louie, GIS #1875 - Lexington, SC
Simon, GIS #1884 - Savannah, GA
Thor, GIS #1899 - North Prairie, WI
Baby Mac, GIS #1887 - Silver Springs, MD
Jack, GIS #1814 - Sharpsburg, MD
July-December 2008

Karmann, GIS #1957 - Bel Air, MD
Phillip, GIS #1913 - NJ
Hillary, GIS #1946 - NJ
IGGY, GIS# 1932 - Middlefield OH
Desmond, GIS #1973 - Nebraska
Flash, GIS #1890 - Connecticut
IGGY, GIS #1575 - Lake Zurich, IL
Earl, GIS #1984 - Encinitas, CA

Adoption News

We listed over 123 new iguanas on our adoption board this year. Once again, adoptions were slower this year than in the past. Not only did we list fewer iguanas on the board this year, but we placed fewer as well, with 13 iguanas successfully adopted through our organization (see above). Thanks to all who have helped us find good homes for these igs! We've noticed a decrease in the number of iguanas put up for adoption over the past couple of years, and are hopeful that this means that more iguanas are able to stay with their original owners in their forever home.

Despite less activity on the adoption front, we had two noteworthy accomplishments this year. First of all, we listed our 2000th iguana on our adoption board. When we listed iguana #1 back in the year 2000, we never anticipated that we'd be around long enough to list over 2000 iguanas for adoption on our web site. But here we are, still going strong!

Happily, all this adoption activity has helped find homes for 100s of iguanas over the years--among them Iggy, from Lake Zurich, IL. Iggy was listed on our website in August of 2006. Over the next two years, many people would apply to adopt Iggy, but for various reasons the adoptions never worked out. Iggy remained on the adoption board while other iguanas came and went, and soon she was on the very bottom of the board, where her listing was often overlooked. She became one of our featured iguanas whose long-time listings appeared at the top of the board to increase visibility, and still she didn't get adopted. Then came an email from Todd, in Indiana. Todd and his wife Dee had adopted another iguana through us a short while before, but unfortunately it had come to them very ill and, despite their best efforts and lots of vet care, it died shortly thereafter. Heartbroken, Todd and Dee returned to our adoption board and there they discovered Iggy. After a few emails and some planning, Todd and Dee met Iggy's owners half-way and Iggy went home with them. Renamed Raven, this lucky iguana enjoys lots of attention, a smaller buddy named Rags, and owners who love her to pieces. Despite being very disappointed when Todd and Dee took down the Christmas tree this year, which Raven loved to climb, we can only guess that she is very happy in her new forever home. Raven is our Adoption of the Year! Congrats to everyone involved in her success story!

Additions and Changes to the Green Iguana Society Website

2008 was another slow year at the Green Iguana Society as far as changes to the web site went. Below are the few changes and updates that were made.

Updated Adoption Board Policy
Due to the time involved in facilitating adoptions, following up on correspondence, and processing the vast numbers of applications and List an Iguana forms that come in, we tightened our adoption policies and procedures to help us keep our adoption board updated. Owners are now required to respond to all communications from us. Failure to do so will result in the iguana being removed from the adoption board. In addition, we have decided to automatically remove iguanas from the board once they have been listed for 6 months, unless their owners contact us and ask us to keep the iguanas listed. These policies will prevent outdated listings from remaining on the board and will hopefully result in more successful adoptions.

New Vet Listings
We added 4 new vets to our Approved Vets & Clinics page in 2008. Many thanks to all the folks who sent in the recommendations!

New Herp Society Listings
We added 1 new herp society to our Herpetological Societies page in 2008. Thanks to those who e-mailed us the information!

New Rescue Listings
We added 1 new rescue to our Other Adoptions and Rescues page in 2008.

Updated Pages
We updated our Websites page and our Interactive Internet Resources page in 2008.

Donation News - We are very grateful to the following people for making donations to the Green Iguana Society in 2008:

Michael Scafide (again) -- thanks, Michael!!

The donation money is used to pay for our message board. If you are interested in making a donation to the Green Iguana Society, please visit our Donations page.

Special thanks to Raptor-Net Internet Services for generously donating free server space to the Green Iguana Society. Hosting our web site for free greatly reduces our maintenance costs and helps us continue our efforts to educate iguana owners and help find needy iguanas adoptive homes. Thank you, Raptor-Net! Also, thanks to Chuck, owner of Raptor-Net, for providing not only server space, but technical support.

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