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Green Iguana Society Journal Report 2009

Green Iguana Society Team News

The Green Iguana Society Team had a busy year in 2009. Our personal lives kept us all quite occupied with events - some sad and some happy. But through it all we found time to keep the web site up, the message board humming and adoptions successful. We didn't add any new team members this year, but our core group enjoyed working together as always. Dana returned to us after a well-deserved hiatus, and we were happy to have her back.

Successful Adoptions

January-June 2009

Sandtiger, GIS # 1944 , Pepperell, Massachusetts
Izzy, GIS #1999 - FL
Rexi, GIS #1903 - Tampa, FL
Buddy, GIS #1974
Captain Morgan, GIS# 1993 - Jefferson, TX
Nuggets, GIS #1990 - NC
Godzilla, GIS #2020 - Salem, OH
Duey, GIS #1940 - Lindenhurst, NY
Verde, GIS #1904 - San Jose, CA
Mel, GIS #1968 - Skokie, IL
Iggy, GIS #1994 - Brooklyn, NY
Sampson, GIS #2007 - Princeville, IL
Izzy, GIS #2014 - Maryville, TN
Shredder, GIS #2032 - Belleville, NJ
Fred, GIS #2022 - Milford, CT
Drago #2057 - Bourbonnais, IL
Gomez, GIS #2053 Cincinnati, OH

July-December 2009

Flames, GIS #2034 - Media, PA
Reptar, GIS #2055 - Louisville, KY
Thor, GIS #2064 - Albany, NY
Jamal, GIS #2059 - Atlanta, GA
Iggy, GIS #2054 Elk Grove, CA
T, GIS# 2039-Brighton MA
Tails, GIS# 2046 - El Segundo, CA
Biggie, GIS# 2090 - Philadelphia, PA
Iggy, GIS #1971 Toledo, OH
Iggy, GIS #2092 La Miranda, CA
Lizzie, GIS# 2106, Camarillo, CA
Sam, GIS# 2107 - Manchester, MO

Adoption News

We listed 105 new iguanas on our adoption board this year. The number of successful adoptions picked up quite a bit this year, although we listed slightly fewer iguanas on the board in 2009 than in 2008. We are happy to report that 29 iguanas were successfully adopted through our organization in 2009 (see above). Thanks to all who have helped us find good homes for these igs! We are happy to see that the decrease in the number of iguanas put up for adoption over the past couple of years is continuing, and we remain hopeful that this is an indication that more iguanas are able to stay with their original owners in their forever home.

Additions and Changes to the Green Iguana Society Website

2009 was another slow year at the Green Iguana Society as far as changes to the web site went. Below are the few changes and updates that were made. Thanks to everyone who wrote in to bring our attention to broken links, defunct businesses and changes to veterinarian information.

Vet Listings
We added 3 new vets to our Approved Vets & Clinics page in 2009, and removed or made updates to a few others who are no longer practicing or changed their contact information or address. Many thanks to all the folks who sent in the recommendations and updates!

New Rescue Listings
We added 1 new rescue to our Other Adoptions and Rescues page in 2009.

Updated Pages
We updated our Websites page and our Companies and Stores page in 2009.

Donation News - As always, we are very grateful to the following people for making donations to the Green Iguana Society in 2009:

Michael Scafide
Teresa Herrin
Kenneth Natrass
Lisa Penninger
Robert Kessmar

Some of these folks have are regular donors, and some are one-time donors. All are generous friends of the Green Iguana Society. The donation money is used to pay for our message board. If you are interested in making a donation to the Green Iguana Society, please visit our Donations page.

Special thanks to Raptor-Net Internet Services for generously donating free server space to the Green Iguana Society. Hosting our web site for free greatly reduces our maintenance costs and helps us continue our efforts to educate iguana owners and help find needy iguanas adoptive homes. Thank you, Raptor-Net! Also, thanks to Chuck, owner of Raptor-Net, for providing not only server space, but technical support, and our good friend Des, who helps out with technical stuff as well.

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