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New Haven
Dr. Antonio Quinones, Pet Shield, New Haven, CT.
Ph: (203) 776-7799

Referred by Teresa Bryant
"I have an excellent vet for iguanas. He is from the islands and very proficent in handling and treating all sorts of critters."

Dr. Christine Crocker, Broad River Animal Hospital, 89 New Canaan Ave., Norwalk, CT 06850.
Ph: (203) 846-3495

Dr. Crocker writes:"I have only been practicing in CT for 2 years, previously I was in WA and had many reptile patients. I am still trying to establish myself in CT. I love seeing reptiles (especially iguanas) and appreciate the opportunity to present myself on your website."
Referred by Chandra: "My husband and I have a two-year-old rescued female iguana who was gravid and quite ill. After exhaustive research on vets in Connecticut with extensive iguana knowledge and experience (and mostly useless trips to three different vets), I brought "Green Bean" to Dr. Crocker. Dr. Crocker has an iguana of her own and displays an obvious fondness and rapport with reptiles. She was the first vet I saw who recommended the full spectrum of tests (including an X-ray and blood work-up) to determine what was ailing Green Bean, and she was also the only vet who took a careful, competent, and thorough approach. As Green Bean hadn’t eaten in weeks and the blood work showed a calcium deficiency, Dr. Crocker recommended spaying her. Having read up on the pros and cons of spaying, I was reluctant to expose my iguana to this surgery. However, my husband and I ultimately decided it was our best option, and we’re glad we went through with it. Green Bean had so many eggs she couldn’t possibly have delivered them in her already extremely frail state. Dr. Crocker performed the surgery with nary a problem, gave us extensive instructions on how to care for Green Bean post-surgery, and then called to check in on her after we took her home. Dr. Crocker is a caring and very well trained vet—a rare combination. I would highly recommend her to green iguana owners in Connecticut. Also a good option: Dr. Antonio Quinones in East Haven. He is a highly trained and empathetic doctor."

Stafford Springs
David Mordasky, Stafford Springs, CT.
Ph: (860) 684-5868

Referred by Carol Betterley

Dr. Nicholas Sitinas
Dr. Barbara Mangold
South Wilton Veterinary Group, 51 Danbury Road, Wilton CT 06897
Ph: (203) 762-2002
"Dr. Mangold has extensive iguana and other herp experience as she was a staff veterinarian at the Bronx Zoo as well as Disney's animal kingdom. Dr. Sitinas is also residency trained in Exotic animal medicine and the nursing staff is very experienced with all kinds of herps."

Herp Vet Connection - Connecticut
To search the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians website for a vet in this state, go to
Melissa Kaplan's Herp Care Collection - Connecticut Herp Veterinarians

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