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Maxwell R. Sidner, DVM, Animal Medical Clinic, 6300 Jefferson Rd., Athens, GA 30607, (706) 548-4486

Referred by Cathy Covington
"Dr. Sidner has seen Draco for a couple of checkups. The waiting room is very sunny and calm compared to others that I have been in and that put Draco right at ease. I've even taken him for one checkup without a leash."

Larry Meadows, 1942 Washington St., Jefferson, GA 30549, (706) 367-5161

Referred by Brendan Hawkins

Whatley Clinic, Kathy Sherman DVM, 415 Plainville Rd. NE, Plainville, GA

Referred by Rhonda J. Crider
"I sometimes use a vet in Plainville, GA for my small animals and they now treat exotics."

Herp Vet Connection - Georgia
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