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Kansas City
Dr. James R. Swanson, DVM, Welborn Pet Hospital, 7860 Washington Ave., Kansas City, KS 66112.
Ph: (913) 334-6770

Referred by Derek Baze

Dr. Gatz, Broadway Veterinary Clinic, 1116 N. Broadway, Leavenworth, KS, 66048.
Ph: (913) 682-8966

Referred by Tracy & Judy Sherrick

Dr. David Atherton, DVM, 645 S. Ohio St., Salina, KS 67401.
Ph:(785) 823-3322

Referred by Deena Spielman (IL)
"Dr. Atherton is not a herp vet specifically, but he does treat a handful of iguanas. If you live in rural north central KS (which I did for four years) and need a vet that will treat exotics, he's worth driving to. I found him to be pleasant and good with my iguanas, and he was willing to not only listen to my thoughts and information that I could provide about iguana health care issues, but was also not afraid to look up information and consult other veterinarians if necessary. Finding a good vet in the area was very difficult for me, since most of the vets I talked to didn't see iguanas at all. I was impressed enough with Dr. Atherton to continue to drive an hour to take my iguanas to him for their yearly exams."

Herp Vet Connection - Kansas
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