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New Hampshire

Dr. Anthony M. Guerino, Animal Medical Center, 1550 Woodbury Ave., Portsmouth, NH 03801-3224.
Ph: (603) 436-4922

Referred by Timothy Pratt
"My Iguana hasn't been overly tame lately, but she let Dr Guerino squeeze her and check her all over without putting up much of even a struggle. I really expected her to at least gape at him once or twice, but she never so much as looked at him funny the whole time. He gave me lots of great info and didn't try to offer me any irrelavant services. Dr. Guerino is a very good reptile vet, he really enjoys them and has a way about setting them at ease. He is a little on the expensive side, Iggy's office visit and physical cost $42, but his care and facilities are well worth the price."

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