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Dr. Luis Itturiaga, Market North Veterinary Hospital, 5939 Market Ave. N., Canton, OH 44721.
Ph: (330) 499-9571

Referred by John Meola
"He is very good with my animals and shows a great deal of care for them. He is also very knowledgeable about reptile health issues, especially iguanas. I believe he's studied them in his native Peru. I've taken my iguana, Buckwheat, to him several times for various problems and checkups. After following his advice, Buckwheat made excellent recoveries."

Paul Levitas, DVM, Animal Hospital on Mount Lookout, 3175 Linwood Ave., Cincinnati, OH 45208
Ph: (513) 871-8866

Referred by Nathan Cannon
"Very well informed, caring, and was reccomended by the Cincinnati Zoo. I have not been dissapointed with his skills."

Jeffrey Werwa, Cincinnati Animal Medical Center, 7617 Reading Rd., Cincinnati, OH 45237
Ph: (513) 761-8387

Referred by Casey Howell

Roberts and Wendt Animal Hospital, Victoria A. Wendt, DMV, 1458 West 117th St., Cleveland, OH, 44107
Ph: (216) 521-0533.

Referred by Patrick Kubeja, John Meola, Jennifer Alvino & Janine Hudak

Dr. Donald Burton, Animal Care Unlimited, 2665 Billingsley Rd. Columbus, OH 43235
Ph: (614) 766-2317

Referred by Jim Goodrich

Dr. Amy Hayward, DVM, Norton Road Veterinary Hospital, 111 Norton Road, Galloway, OH 43119.
Ph: (614) 870-7008

Rob Nathan, DVM, Sharon Center Veterinary Hospital, 2131 Sharon Copley Road, Medina, OH 44256.
Ph: (330) 239-1115

Dr. Bob Dahlhausen, DVM. 5989 Meijer Dr. Suit 2, Milford, OH 45150
Ph: (513) 576-1990

Referred by John Lingerfelt
"Doc Bob is a highly intellegent man. He always knows just how to diagnose the problem fix it and help you out in any other way he can."

Dr. Gary Riggs, DVM, Barberton Veterinary Clinic & Bird and Exotic Veterinary Hospital, 4873 Richland Ave., Norton, OH 44203
Ph: (330) 825-2434

Referred by Ronda Roxbury & Bobi Bailey

Michelle Kilgore, 2444 E. High St., Springfield, OH
Ph: (937) 323-9000

Referred by Donna Johnson

Dr. Ross Mahowald, Sylvania Veterinary Clinic, Toledo, OH

Referred by Steve Rife

Michael P. Myers, DVM, Hartman Vet Clinic, 3924 Airport Hwy., Toledo, OH 43615
Ph: (419) 385-7433

Referred by Chaz Drauer

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