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Mark E. Riehl, 2012 W. State St., Bristol, TN 37620
Ph: (423) 764-2428

Referred by Robert Pool

Dr. Tai Federico DVM, Riverview Animal Clinic, 1306 Dorchester Rd., Chattanooga, TN 37405
Ph: (423) 756-6011

Referred by Kevin & Pam Fox

Dr. David Hannon, Vet Pets, 1890 N. Germantown Pkwy #103, Cordova, TN. 38018.
Ph: (901) 756-5556

Referred by April
"3 Years ago my iguana died from MBD. Now I adopted 3 years later and he is my vet. Memphis hardly has any reptile vets and this one is the best."

Dr. Michael Jones & Dr. Cheryl Greenacre, Univeristy of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine, 2407 River Dr., Knoxville, TN 37996.
Ph: (865) 974-8387
Univeristy of Tennessee College of Veterinary Medicine

Referred by a Green Iguana Society web site visitor.
"Both of these doctors are excellent! Even though both are board certified in avian medicine they are excellent with all types of exotic animals. Both have seen my iguana numerous times since I have been a student there and are excellent with him even though he's not the best patient! Also being at a vet school they have access to state of the art equipment and research and other experts in their respective fields as well when consults are needed."

Dr. Tim Hammond, DVM, All Animals Vet, 818 N. Military, Loretto, TN 38469.
Ph: (931) 853-7127

Referred by Brenda Oswald
"Dr. Hammond is the only Vet that works on exotics in our area. This is my 2nd iguana. I've been very pleased to go to him. He's very gentle, and helpful. He takes his time with my iguana and has taken pictures of the both of them."

Herp Vet Connection - Tennessee
To search the Association of Reptilian and Amphibian Veterinarians website for a vet in this state, go to
Melissa Kaplan's Herp Care Collection - Tennessee Herp Veterinarians

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